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The New York State Department of Health requires all Funeral Directors to furnish an itemized memorandum of funeral expenses at the time of arrangements. We have provided you with this detailed memorandum of the costs and cash advances for the funeral you have arranged. Conforming with New York State regulations, we have separated the personnel and the facility charges. To be sure you understand what each item entails, we would like to explain more fully the following.

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The charge for this item enables us to recover a proportionate share of the salaries paid to our Licensed Funeral Directors and Assistants. We are thereby able to maintain a skilled staff for the personal and professional services rendered to you and your family at the time they were required . It includes the arrangement, supervision and direction of the funeral, the coordination of various details, administrative personnel and all necessary attendants.


The charge for this item enables us to recover a proportionate share of the costs of building and operating these specialized facilities for your use and comfort. The amount charged varies according to the length of time they are used in fulfilling the arrangements you have made. Some of the specific cost covered are building maintenance and repairs; furnishings; funeral equipment; insurance; real estate taxes; air conditioning; light heat and power utilities; and cleaning.


This charge enables us to recover a proportionate share of the expense for our licensed staff associated with preparation of the body, and for the specialized facilities, professional equipment and supplies required for the custodial care of the body. These meet state and municipal standards for the proper sanitary care of the deceased.

While embalming is not usually required by law, common sense dictates that it is necessary in most instance. We require embalming when we have custody of the body in our funeral home for more than a limited time, for public viewing of the body, and in other circumstances under which normal decomposition of the body would present us with a practical problem.


Following a death there are many arrangements that must be supervised by a licensed funeral director. The maintenance of this service is unending. By that, we mean that the cost incurred enables us to maintain and staff our facility 24 hours every day of the year. Therefore, ours is a 168 hour work week and not the 40 Hr week which is the accepted standing, personal feeling, conform to each individual family's wishes and their personal and religious needs.

The basic arrangements fee is the largest service cost item we charge . The following items are included in that fee:


Complete Arrangements Supervision and Direction of all Services

A.Meeting with the family to:

Secure vital Statistics information

Obtaining obituary information

Complete itemized cost agreement

Oversee all aspects of services

B. Coordinate times of the following services as needed

Clergy, Necessary automotive equipment, Civic or other organizations, Fraternal Organizations, Cemetery or Crematory, Veterans Association.

C. Complete Death Certificate with Vital Statistics Information

D. Obtain the signature and medical information from attending physician or medical examiner.

E. File completed and signed certificate with Registrar of Vital Statistics in municipality where death occurred, and obtain a Burial/Transit Permit and as many certified copies requested by the family.

F. Call or deliver obituary information to all newspapers requested by the family.

G. Complete all necessary forms such as:

VA for flag, VA for allowance, VA for marker, cemetery, crematory, social security paperwork, taking the family to Social Security, Insurance paperwork, state and federal forms required by law. Also assisting families with Surrogate's Court

H. Answer all telephone calls give out funeral information to family and friends, fraternal organization members, business associates and florist with regard to funeral service to be held. Updating web site with correct information.

I. Coordinating with the florist selected by the family on dates and times, Setting up a funeral breakfast or luncheon for the family.


A. Maintain universal precautions and hygienically prepare remains to insure protection to personnel and the public.

B. Custodial care of deceased in a NYS Licensed OSHA regulated facility while coordination of paperwork is completed.


Complete cost and depreciation of service cars and there operations


  • Taxes Cleaning
  • Continuing Education House Cleaning & Supplies
  • Surgical Instruments & Supplies Building Maintenance
  • Inventory Ground Maintenance
  • Stationary & Supplies Maintenance of Autos
  • Advertising Promotion
  • Utilities Telephone
  • Insurance Workmen's Compensation
  • Unemployment Insurance Health Insurance
  • Malpractice Insurance General Liability Insurance


A. Assist in all of the above items

B. In addition to all of the above there a available licensed funeral director to respond to a family's needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It should be noted that because of the nature of funeral service, many hours of training and specialized education takes place to insure that a competent and understanding person is there for the public. This is the commitment of the O'Connell-Murphy Funeral Home. This is the commitment we have made to our profession and to you our Valued Customer.

If you have any further questions or we can be of any help in any way, please do not hesitate to ask.

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